31 May 2012

It's a slimmer, HEALTHIER Biird

365 days.
52 weeks.
12 months.
1 year.

That's how long it's been since my life altering surgery. What? You hadn't heard? Hard to believe.

31-May-2011 I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

My stats then:

  • 41 years old
  • 5'5" tall
  • average fasting morning blood glucose: 148 (diabetic)
  • weight: 305 lbs (heaviest = 345 lbs)
  • pants size: 26W
  • shirt size: 3x (sometimes 4x)
  • bra size: 44C

My stats now:

  • 42 years old (yea, I knew that one was coming)
  • 5'5" tall (nope, didn't shrink that way)
  • average fasting morning blood glucose: 88 (decidedly NORMAL)
  • weight: 233 lbs (that's down 72 lbs)
  • pants size: 16w (5 pants sizes down - 1 size larger than in high school)
  • shirt size: large to 1x depending on how it's made (I don't think I'll ever lose these shoulders)
  • bra size: 38D (same as in high school - welcome back, girls)
I mention some of these stats because they are the most astounding. To me at least. Astounding because I never thought I'd be here.

Things I've discovered since then:

  • I really (no, REALLY) hate most protein shakes
  • I can remember to take pills twice a day, every day (99% of the time)
  • plain non-fat Greek yogurt is great with sugar free Torani syrup
  • venti skinny hazelnut lattes have 170 calories and 16 grams of protein
  • I miss Cheez-Its
  • I can't seem to totally drop the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • I still hate elastic waist pants

Some of my favorite things:

  • fasting blood sugar in the normal range
  • feeling good in cute clothing
  • being able to wear REAL cowboy boots again (and not stuck with shooties)
  • clothes actually fit better
  • walking up a flight of stairs without getting winded
  • collar bones - I have them again!
  • wearing women's watches
  • cleavage (it's fun feeling like a girl again)
  • I no longer snore nearly as bad as I used to (okay, it's one of Jim's favorite things post-surgery)
  • hot bubble baths without feeling wedged into the tub
  • fasting blood sugar in the normal range (no, really)
  • rings that don't feel like they are cutting off the circulation
  • toe nail polish
  • (did I mention cleavage?)

Some crazy (and not so crazy) things I've noticed/discovered:

  • the toilet dropped about 3 inches
  • Bat-wings aren't so bad (except in long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, camisoles ... )
  • my hair is curlier/wavier (and has more gray)
  • I look remarkably like pictures of me from high school
  • I'm much bolder when I feel more confident
  • I feel more confident knowing that I don't look like the fat slob I was/felt like 72 lbs ago
  • most social activities revolve around food
Things that are still difficult challenging next to impossible:
  • getting to the gym as often as I should (okay, just getting to the gym)
  • avoiding peanut butter cups when they show their cute little foil-wrapped selves
  • not lapsing back into boredom eating/snacking
  • keeping up with the food journaling
  • drinking enough liquids
  • ensuring I get enough protein and not too many carbs or calories
  • eating well in general (challenging, definitely challenging)

Things I'm not happy with:

  • the weight plateau (I'm sure there's something hidden in my head somewhere causing me to sabotage myself)
  • spare tire (which is now more like a poorly inflated pool flotation device - not nearly as taut as a tire)

I had/have a great support system. People who've been encouraging me to do this for years. People who weren't crazy about it but stood by me anyway. People who encouraged me from the moment they knew I was even thinking about it.

And I love every single one of them you for being here for me.

Thank you.


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  1. As one of those people who have cheered you on and loved watching you shrink- I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALL YOUVE DONE THIS YEAR!! You look amazing my dear friend and I'm MOST GRATEFUL you loved YOURSELF enough to have this life saving and altering proceedure. YOU HAVE COURAGE AND STRENGTH and now have MANY MANY more years on this earth happy and healthy and I love you to pieces!!!!! CONGRATS MY FRIEND YOU LOOK FAB!!!