10 February 2014

More black and whiite for the sewing room

Found the perfect home dec fabrics for the glider rocker and ottoman. Also picked up some black duck canvas to cover the foam to go under the seat of the futon to raise it up and make it more comfortable. I finished all of the covers (with zippers and ties) before getting sick (thank goodness). I think they came our quite nice, if I do say so myself. :)

futon cushion at work:

Double sided chair and ottoman pads (black duck canvas for the sides):

Harold's decided that he needs to try it out:

I also, when trying to decide what to do about the back of the quilt top for the futon, made this:

It's about 40x40. I think it's going to just be a throw on the glider.

I think the quilt top to cover the futon is going to be made into a comforter cover type sleeve for the futon pad. I'll quilt the top and make the back black. I'm thinking velcro as the closure unless there's enough overage to make a placket with button holes then I'll find some big black and/or white buttons for it.

I made large pillow covers as well. Same block on the front but larger, and zippered backs.



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