29 September 2013

Sewiing is moving up!

The kid moved up to UC Davis over Labor Day weekend.

I'm taking over his room.

I've got new shelves up and bolts of fabric on them. I've got a stand built and put under the TV he left. I've got my glider and ottoman moved into the room already. Now to get fabric, blu-ray, books, patterns, sewing machine, table, the other two shelving units, computer stuff, and everything else needed to sew moved upstairs. NOT a daunting task at all. :) Fortunately, I'm not trying to do it all at once, although I'd really like to be able to snap my fingers or wiggle my nose and have it done and ready to use.

I'm thinking about getting a futon to put in the new sewing room. Then it would double as a guest room if someone comes to visit. Provided they don't touch any of my sewing stuff. :)

I'm looking forward to getting it done so I can work in it. I've got a couple of baby quilts and some actual QUILTING that I need to do. And I think the new space will give me someplace I can do quilting using the quilting frame I have to use with the sewing machine. And with the glider (and possibly futon) there, I might actually do some hand quilting or dig out some hand embroidery or possibly even some cross-stitch.

( many days later ... )

Lots has been done:

  • futon has been purchased, built, installed
  • sewing desk purchased, built, ready to roll
  • books are all moved (with a few minor exceptions)
  • fabric has all been moved
  • some bits and pieces set up around
  • blu-ray player moved and set up
  • 1 hanging beer light replaced and new hanging light installed (not sure when the 2nd beer light will be replaced - hopefully soon)
But there is still lots more to be done. Some more bits and pieces to be situated, rulers and templates to be put in their new location (which has yet to be determined), fabric sorted and organized better (some got mixed in the move upstairs, the majority of the rest wasn't organized to begin with.)

I'm getting settled in. I've already spent a couple of evenings on the futon watching tv and reading with the dog and cat.

Pictures of the new space (some good pictures, some not so good pictures):

books books, and more books ...

patterns, glider (OMG it's older than Nick ... I've had it FOREVER), shelving for random bits and pieces and project boxes ...

computer desk, tv, and shelf space under the tv for dvds and blu-rays ...

bolts of fabric and bolts of quilt tops behind the tv ...

futon with Fractured Funny Farm and accompanying filled pillow cases and throw pillow (batting rolls will be hung on the wall over this and the entry to the nook where the fabric bins are) ...

nook with fabric bins on rolling platforms lining both sides with the new IKEA lamp hanging overhead with daylight bulbs for better fabric viewing (hmmm, should I be watching out for Hoarders to come for me?) ...

new seing desk/table that opens out a bit sitting on the new area rugs ...

bolts of large cuts of fabric behind the door and perpendicular to the shelves with quilt tops on bolts, ironing board hanging on the back of the door ...

random bits and pieces hanging out on the shelf below the window ...

much larger open space where I'll set up the ironing board or large fold-open cutting-pinning-sorting-whatever table when needed ...

the view behind the sewing desk/table looking at the glider ...

and if you look close, behind the tv you can see finished quilts on the top shelf and bolt-rolled quilt tops on the lower shelf. (Yep, that's one of Uncle Jack's ducks on top of the tv - it's mate is on the shelf over my desk in the office.)

As you can see, I've been busy and still have more work to do. I'll do a little more organizing and moving of things, maybe one or two more nights worth, and then I need to jump into a couple of baby quilts tout-suite. And then dig back into the glam'ing up of the sewing room:

  • make curtains (already have a style and some colors/fabrics in mind)
  • make a cover specifically for the futon (colors decided on, fabrics still to be chosen)
  • pillowcases to match futon cover and curtains
  • pillowcases for large throw pillow forms to match futon cover and curtains (colors decided on, some fabrics in mind)
  • batting rolls to be moved from den to sewing room ... although the more I think about it, the more inclined I am to leave them in the den

After looking at all the pictures, can you tell what I'm watching while working in the new digs? Eureka knows, but he's not telling ... :)


Update : ruler and template storage added.