16 March 2014


Saturday (yesterday - 15-Mar) was National Quilting Day. I started mine a little early (Friday late afternoon). I was so into it I made 3 quilt tops and the binding for 2 of them. Still planning on making the binding for the 3rd with the bits and pieces left over.

Friday night was this one:

Saturday was this one:

And this one I started Saturday late afternoon and finished Sunday evening:

I'm going to make the binding for this one out of the scraps left over from cutting the "petal" or star points pieces. The pattern calls for a green print but I think the scrappy binding will look cool.

I finished a couple of other ones in the last couple of weeks. This one that the hubby picked out the fabrics for:

and this one:

which I quilted by hand as well as did a little bit of tying on. Bet Katie-did recognizes the pattern. :)

Days like today make me wish I had taken some vacation this week. Apparently I'm motivated to piece tops. Now to figure out what to work on next (after I get the scrappy binding made so it's ready to use when the quilt is, well, quilted. :)

Happy St Patrick's Day (tomorrow)!


10 March 2014

05 March 2014

Miscellaneous liittle things

Made a couple of little things the other day ...

Made a nice little boxy ditty/dopp-type bag out of a couple of fat quarters (and still have enough of both fabrics to make another if I want). The lining was from some yardage.

The pattern I used was by Ellie Mae - Bag Everything. Couple of tricky spots but overall a fairly quick and relatively uncomplicated pattern to follow.

Also made a couple of cute little zipper bags ... they start flat:

and then when you zip them up they become little funky barrel-like things:

The pattern for these came from Bella Nonna - Zippety Bags. The pattern has 5 different sizes. I made the smallest and the middle-sized one. The little one tucks inside of the other quite nicely:

I may make a few more - they're kinda fun! Pretty easy and VERY cute.

Let's see ... what's the next project going to be ... :)


01 March 2014

Almost done with the studiio

Got a few more things finished in the studio.

Finally finished the futon cover

I also made a clock

(Make that 2 clocks - couldn't read the time so well on the first one - I've got to find red hands for it.)

You can actually SEE the time on this one.

Put some hex mirrors up between the windows. Cool but weird. I keep thinking that the curtains are open and I can see the outside ... little disconcerting from the corner of the eye. :)

I got the throw quilted/tied and bound. Went with black minkee for the back, red floss for the tying/knots, and red for the binding.

The only things left to do in here are curtains, maybe a new sewing machine cover, and possibly cushions for the little black and red stool/footstools.

I've also recently made a baby quilt for a past coworker of the hubby. Quick and easy pattern. Came out pretty cute.

I like how it looks when you're standing in the doorway of the studio.

Now to figure out what I'm going to finish up next. I do have a few things that are waiting for a couple of final steps. I also have a bunch of things I WANT to make but haven't started yet.

So many projects, so little time. :)