14 October 2012

Biird wiings (as it were)

The <3BIIRD went "boom" and was declared toast. I've gotten something new (I won't say replaced, because nothing can replace my 8-year old beloved Galapagos Green Metallic <3BIIRD).

Let me introduce you to ... (insert fanfare here)... damn, I got nothin'. (Still deciding if it's going to be another <3BIIRD or something else.)

Some name/license plate options I'm rolling around with are:

  • <3 BIIRD (no change from the original)
  • <3 BIIRD2
  • <3 2QUILT
  • QUIILT <3
I'm taking suggestions as well - leave 'em in the comments if you've got any.

The new wheels in the family next is a shiny red 2012 Ford Focus SE:

  • 4-door (1)
  • does Bluetooth sync with my iPhone (3)
  • tells "Distance to E" (4)
  • displays average MPG (5)
  • includes 6 months of SiriusXM (6)
  • external input (AUX) for the iPod (aka the CarPod) (6)
  • 5-speed manual transmission (which was seriously hard to find in most sedans this size by most car companies) (7)
  • full bench fold down backseat enabling the use of almost the whole backseat as an extension of the trunk (8)
  • good sized trunk (9)
  • cup holders in the backseat door cubbies (10)
  • multi-intermittant windsheild wipers (11)
  • very cool "blind spot" mirrors on both side mirrors (12)

Wanna see what everything looks like? Check it out ...

1. outside view

2. steering wheel view :)

3. Bluetooth sync

4. Distance to E

5. average MPG

6. center dash controls

7. 5-speed manual transmission

8. backseat

9. trunk

10. cup holders in the backseat door cubbies

11. multi-intermittant windsheild wipers

12. "blind spot" mirrors