13 January 2014

Hoardiing (pictures for Lolita)

I was showing "Lolita" the new purse and pictures of my sewing room and realized that I needed some updated pictures. So this post is for you, "Lolita"! :)

Fabric ...

45+ bins on the door side ... (each bin holds 11 gallons - and is pretty heavy when full)

30+ bins facing those ...

25+ feet of shelf space with fabric bolts (minimum 2yds per bolt)

Lots and lots of books and patterns

Another topic in our discussion was 18-inch dolls and clothes. So here's my doll, same line as the one we got for the God Monkey for Christmas. (Gotta make sure the clothes I make for the God Monkey's doll fit, right?) And it turns out that one of the little cuties that I know (I work with her mom at J.O.B.#2) got an 18-inch doll from her Grandpa. Guess I've got one more punkin' to make doll clothes for ... :)

A few patterns (all but 3 or 4 were purchased for approx $1.00 each on sale!!)

And a bin of non-cottons to work with

Oh, almost forgot. The quilt that I'm trying to figure out the border for? It's gonna be AWESOME on the futon when it's done ...


12 January 2014


Just finished the purse for the hubby's coworker. Hope she likes it. 


09 January 2014

New Year, new bag for the Biird

Wow, just realized that I'm averaging 1 post every 2 months ... how rude of me! I plan to be better this year. And to start it all off ...

I made a new purse to start out the new year. And, as I do when I make a purse, I made a bunch of accessories to go with it. I used batiks since they are my current favorite.

Starting with the little stuff (and I get nothing for endorsing/linking the things and places that I link except for the joy of sharing something I like) ...

I made 2 zipper pouches from Atkinson Designs Cash and Carry pattern.

Also seen in the above picture is the pouch I made for my glucose testing supplies out of pet screen. Better picture here:

Using this Mega Credit Card Wallet as inspiration (and a base) I made a card/cash/check wallet. I made two of the insert/card holders and put them in check book cover type of shell (a pocket on each inside). Added 1/4-inch black elastic to keep the cards in - LOVE IT!!

And, as I'm trying to get better about journaling my food as well as keep track of my glucose readings, I had to have a cool notebook or datebook. Found one on sale/clearance and made a cover for it. Got a little crazy when making the cover and got it a bit tight (should have made it about half an inch taller as well as half an inch wider) and I had to trim the plastic cover on the 3 non-bound sides in order for it to fit while being able to open it easily. Even made an attached book mark to make it easier to find my page. Other than that, I have absolutely no complaints. Even the crappy free motion quilting came out cool looking. :)

As for the purse itself, I only made a couple of minor modifications from the Baby Sister Purse pattern by Whistlepig Creek Productions. (I've also made their Sweet Retreat Bag and Leyvie Bag. Can you tell I really like their stuff?)

My minor modifications include a longer zipper with a ring stitched to the purse under the tail end to clip my keys onto and my purse handles are approx 1 inch wide instead of 1 & 1/2 inches wide since I made mine differently. (As a general rule, for strength and heft, I cover cotton strapping with fabric and top stitch the crap out of it - at least 2 or 3 rows of stitching the length of the strapping.)

And for my next trick, I have a checkbook cover to make for one of my local baristas as well as another purse (the same pattern as my sewing notions purse - Pink Sand Beach Designs pattern Bermuda Bag) in browns and greens for one of the hubby's co-workers. I've got everything cut out and together, just need to sit down and make it. I might even throw in a zipper pouch or card wallet, who knows. :)

And on other notes, as I'm now at a point of not accruing vacation time again, I'll be taking Fridays in January off from the office and attempting to dedicate them to the sewing machine ... who knows? Maybe this will get me motivated and in the right mindset to give in to the "encouragement" I've been getting from all over the place and start making things to sell (other than the occasional baby quilt).