27 October 2014

Halloween Quiilting

Wow, can't believe I've slacked on blogging for the last 7 months. Badd Biird, badd. :) Well, it's starting to get cooler so I'm sure there will be more quilting blogging (and quilting, of course) in my future.

I got a little Halloween crazy the last few weeks. I guess it's about time, right? :)

First thing I did was a wall hanging that is now gracing the wall between my office and my boss's office. Much as I dislike applique, I really like how she came out. The pattern for her is from Eat Cake Graphics. Here she is in her current habitat (not sure it's natural, but it works!):

I LOVE their stuff - in fact, I have 11 or 12 of their 17 quilt patterns. :)

This past weekend I got a little more nutty and made a table topper for the Halloween candy bowl at the office. I mean, the little black table was just too plain. :) :

Also decided that I needed a new purse. And then determined that it needed to be Halloween themed. I went with the Mini Miranda Bag by Lazy Girl Designs. Came out CUTE!!

I made a modification on the straps - I really like the cotton webbing for my purse straps. I jazzed them up a bit with some of the fabric in the purse and then made a key fob / wristlet the same way to go with it. The fabric on the webbing in the key chain matches the green skulls but the picture totally sucks.

I made bunch of little pouches (and a couple not so little pouches).

The larger two I used the A Little Duffle Do It by Karen West. Tres adorable! (And spacious!) The other two that look similar, I just used scraps I had left over and left out the Peltex.

For the zipper pouches, I used a tutorial that I found online but don't have the site info with me. (I'll find it and update it.) One was done right albeit a bit bigger than the tutorial calls for, while the other was totally screwed up but still works for my iPods. :)

I also made a wallet (designer and pattern info at home - will update this info later). Very cute and comfortable in my pocket. I think that as long as I don't try to stuff it with cards and/or change it'll be okay. Only problem I have with it is that it could be about 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer (you're supposed to be able to fit 2 credit cards side by side - I can only fit one and have empty space on the other side). When folded with credit cards in it, it doesn't fold in the middle and you can see some of the cards. Still cute. I'll make a few adjustments if I decide to make it again.

Now to figure out what to dress as for Halloween ....


16 March 2014


Saturday (yesterday - 15-Mar) was National Quilting Day. I started mine a little early (Friday late afternoon). I was so into it I made 3 quilt tops and the binding for 2 of them. Still planning on making the binding for the 3rd with the bits and pieces left over.

Friday night was this one:

Saturday was this one:

And this one I started Saturday late afternoon and finished Sunday evening:

I'm going to make the binding for this one out of the scraps left over from cutting the "petal" or star points pieces. The pattern calls for a green print but I think the scrappy binding will look cool.

I finished a couple of other ones in the last couple of weeks. This one that the hubby picked out the fabrics for:

and this one:

which I quilted by hand as well as did a little bit of tying on. Bet Katie-did recognizes the pattern. :)

Days like today make me wish I had taken some vacation this week. Apparently I'm motivated to piece tops. Now to figure out what to work on next (after I get the scrappy binding made so it's ready to use when the quilt is, well, quilted. :)

Happy St Patrick's Day (tomorrow)!


10 March 2014

05 March 2014

Miscellaneous liittle things

Made a couple of little things the other day ...

Made a nice little boxy ditty/dopp-type bag out of a couple of fat quarters (and still have enough of both fabrics to make another if I want). The lining was from some yardage.

The pattern I used was by Ellie Mae - Bag Everything. Couple of tricky spots but overall a fairly quick and relatively uncomplicated pattern to follow.

Also made a couple of cute little zipper bags ... they start flat:

and then when you zip them up they become little funky barrel-like things:

The pattern for these came from Bella Nonna - Zippety Bags. The pattern has 5 different sizes. I made the smallest and the middle-sized one. The little one tucks inside of the other quite nicely:

I may make a few more - they're kinda fun! Pretty easy and VERY cute.

Let's see ... what's the next project going to be ... :)


01 March 2014

Almost done with the studiio

Got a few more things finished in the studio.

Finally finished the futon cover

I also made a clock

(Make that 2 clocks - couldn't read the time so well on the first one - I've got to find red hands for it.)

You can actually SEE the time on this one.

Put some hex mirrors up between the windows. Cool but weird. I keep thinking that the curtains are open and I can see the outside ... little disconcerting from the corner of the eye. :)

I got the throw quilted/tied and bound. Went with black minkee for the back, red floss for the tying/knots, and red for the binding.

The only things left to do in here are curtains, maybe a new sewing machine cover, and possibly cushions for the little black and red stool/footstools.

I've also recently made a baby quilt for a past coworker of the hubby. Quick and easy pattern. Came out pretty cute.

I like how it looks when you're standing in the doorway of the studio.

Now to figure out what I'm going to finish up next. I do have a few things that are waiting for a couple of final steps. I also have a bunch of things I WANT to make but haven't started yet.

So many projects, so little time. :)


10 February 2014

More black and whiite for the sewing room

Found the perfect home dec fabrics for the glider rocker and ottoman. Also picked up some black duck canvas to cover the foam to go under the seat of the futon to raise it up and make it more comfortable. I finished all of the covers (with zippers and ties) before getting sick (thank goodness). I think they came our quite nice, if I do say so myself. :)

futon cushion at work:

Double sided chair and ottoman pads (black duck canvas for the sides):

Harold's decided that he needs to try it out:

I also, when trying to decide what to do about the back of the quilt top for the futon, made this:

It's about 40x40. I think it's going to just be a throw on the glider.

I think the quilt top to cover the futon is going to be made into a comforter cover type sleeve for the futon pad. I'll quilt the top and make the back black. I'm thinking velcro as the closure unless there's enough overage to make a placket with button holes then I'll find some big black and/or white buttons for it.

I made large pillow covers as well. Same block on the front but larger, and zippered backs.



Back to resting up in order to get better.


13 January 2014

Hoardiing (pictures for Lolita)

I was showing "Lolita" the new purse and pictures of my sewing room and realized that I needed some updated pictures. So this post is for you, "Lolita"! :)

Fabric ...

45+ bins on the door side ... (each bin holds 11 gallons - and is pretty heavy when full)

30+ bins facing those ...

25+ feet of shelf space with fabric bolts (minimum 2yds per bolt)

Lots and lots of books and patterns

Another topic in our discussion was 18-inch dolls and clothes. So here's my doll, same line as the one we got for the God Monkey for Christmas. (Gotta make sure the clothes I make for the God Monkey's doll fit, right?) And it turns out that one of the little cuties that I know (I work with her mom at J.O.B.#2) got an 18-inch doll from her Grandpa. Guess I've got one more punkin' to make doll clothes for ... :)

A few patterns (all but 3 or 4 were purchased for approx $1.00 each on sale!!)

And a bin of non-cottons to work with

Oh, almost forgot. The quilt that I'm trying to figure out the border for? It's gonna be AWESOME on the futon when it's done ...