25 August 2013

Easy Liike Saturday morning

Did some more sewing this weekend. Last night I made a card wallet. Made some modifications to a tutorial I found online and ended up with this:

This morning, to go with it I made a purse from a pattern I've been trying to find the right fabrics for for a very long time. I did some fussy cutting and piecing where it doesn't call for it in the pattern. I ended up with this:

I decided that I wanted to use it as my everyday thing and that I needed a change pouch. So, using the same fabrics from the others, I made this:

I'm thinking about finding a good checkbook cover pattern and making one out of the same fabrics. Still in the thinking stages on this one.

Here's what the whole set looks like at the moment.

The Kid's girlfriend was awestruck that I'd gotten so much done in such a short time. She's so cute. :)


P.S. Almost forgot, in addition to all of the sewing this morning, this afternoon was spent at IKEA and Target getting household goods for the kids' apartment at UCDavis (where we're moving them to next weekend). Tomorrow is a major CostCo run ... (rolling eyes) I can't wait ... ;)

P.P.S. Just made a checkbook cover to go with everything else ...



What else do I need to carry in my purse that I can make something out of these fabrics for? ;)


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