17 August 2013

Mother's Day - best giift EVER!!!

I got the best gift EVER for Mother's Day this year ...

This is how I found out that my favorite kid in the whole world (aka Nicholas, aka Cousin Itt, aka The Kid, aka ... well, you get the picture) got accepted to UC Davis as a junior to study Physics. He then told me that his girlfriend Mindy (budding biology major) also got accepted as a junior. The two of them have subsequently found an apartment, a roommate (little drama on that one - he's in, he's out, someone else is in), and the beginnings of a list of things they need. The kids are going to be Aggies.

I don't know who's more excited for him to get this opportunity to spread his wings and grow - him or me! :) I never got the "away at college" experience. Hell, it took me over 13 years to get my AS so I guess I'm envious as hell as well as excited for him.

Proud of both of the smart kids - Math & Science headed Nick and Medical Science focused Mindy. Love 'em both!


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