20 August 2013

Piieced tops

I was re-organizing and shifting things around in the den and found a bunch of project boxes with either kitted things in them or blocks that only needed putting together.

One of my favorites wasn't part of the kitted/blocks-done bunch. It's Science Fair by Jaybird Quilts. Fun to do and I love the way it came out with all the paisleys.

Three red and black quilts were done as part of the "you need to make something so the dog doesn't tear up the backseat of the (new) car" sessions.

hounds tooth (adapted some online tutorials for this one):

wonky square-in-square-in-square (I love designing on graph paper):

and something a little different (my own design):

I dug through the pile of extra jelly roll strips and created a version of something I saw in a book somewhere:

I've been really enjoying all the modern quilting books out there. Found the instructions for this purple zigzag quilt in one of them (but don't remember which book):

Some large yellow and blue churn dash blocks from scraps came together to make this one:

Random scraps and fat quarters played together nice in this one:

I call this one Squeemish. Snail trail blocks made in opposite directions and in this layout make me think of bugs:

Couple of bright batik tops:

This one makes me think of dangling ribbons:

And certainly by no means the least of the bunch (even though it is last), is what I'm calling Fly By Night. All flying geese made with Halloween fabrics. Definitely a fun one to watch come together.

Plenty more kitted things waiting to be done, whole bunch of tops waiting to be sandwiched and quilted - some in California and some in Maine - and lots and lots of patterns and fabrics to make more of everything.


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