13 January 2014

Hoardiing (pictures for Lolita)

I was showing "Lolita" the new purse and pictures of my sewing room and realized that I needed some updated pictures. So this post is for you, "Lolita"! :)

Fabric ...

45+ bins on the door side ... (each bin holds 11 gallons - and is pretty heavy when full)

30+ bins facing those ...

25+ feet of shelf space with fabric bolts (minimum 2yds per bolt)

Lots and lots of books and patterns

Another topic in our discussion was 18-inch dolls and clothes. So here's my doll, same line as the one we got for the God Monkey for Christmas. (Gotta make sure the clothes I make for the God Monkey's doll fit, right?) And it turns out that one of the little cuties that I know (I work with her mom at J.O.B.#2) got an 18-inch doll from her Grandpa. Guess I've got one more punkin' to make doll clothes for ... :)

A few patterns (all but 3 or 4 were purchased for approx $1.00 each on sale!!)

And a bin of non-cottons to work with

Oh, almost forgot. The quilt that I'm trying to figure out the border for? It's gonna be AWESOME on the futon when it's done ...


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