25 May 2012

The Biird is back!

I've decided to blog again. Specifically about my quilting and sewing (and anything else that crosses my mind). I think this will be a good way to keep the mom-inator and the female sibling unit filled in on what's going on with me since they moved to the other coast.

I made some curtains for the den a couple of weekends ago. I don't normally go for oranges, but they seemed to fit. And it doesn't look bad in the room. See?

I also made a curtain for the door to the backyard last weekend. Kinda classes up the place. What do you think?


I wonder what I'll work on this weekend ... I've got a bunch of stuff in the "I wanna" stacks that are kitted and just waiting for the urge. I've got a frakkin' BOATload of UFOs. Maybe I'll take some time and get them listed just to see how many I have and possibly get inspired to finish some of them.

I've got most of my quilts documented via photograph on Facebook. I should try to get everything there or moved somewhere else. This could work into a whole new look for WendyWeb. I haven't touched it in at least a couple of years. And I still own it for a few more ... :)   I just hope I can remember the password and find an easy FTP program to use.

Anywho, it's the Friday afternoon before a long weekend. I have a couple of new quilting books to drool over and dvds to pick out for the weekend's sew-fest.


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