27 May 2012

This Biird was BUSY

This Biird was BUSY on Saturday. I took my new book (fresh from Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies / @CrazyOldLadies)

[and because I know anyone who quilts is going to want a copy of this book by the time they finish reading this, you can get it here: Crazy Old Ladies Etsy Shop or here: Fat Quarter Shop in either .pdf or paper.]

some batiks from my stash

and some seriously bad (aka cheesy) sci-fi

and dug in.

First step, cut, cut, cut. And then cut some more.

Then it was sew, press, sew. And then sew, press, sew some more.

Wow, that's alotta strip sets to continue to stitch together.

I made up some dots to help keep my brain and fabric strips in sync with the instructions.

Labeled some strips before cutting them up into the right lengths,

and then made the center.

OMG, I can tell already it's gonna be AWESOME!!!

Here it is a little more done and all dotted up so I can remember where the heck I am and what I'm supposed to be doing next.

Instead of free-forming the corner triangles on the floor like Emily says to do in the instructions, I dug out my AWESOME 20.5 inch square ruler. Of course, it does help that I have absolutely NO floor space that I could have spread this out on to do the corners the way you're instructed to in the book.

Turns out it was easy. Two large squares that I marked up to cut the triangles from. Each triangle it's own unique size.

Got the triangles on, trimmed 'em, and clipped the finished product up to the bookcase so I could get a good look.


LOVE it!

LMAO! The kid HATED me for about 10 min around 1am when I was doing my little kid "happy dance"/"can't keep still I'm so EXCITED" trying to get him to come look at it. I was practically pee-ing down my leg while bouncing all over the place. Soooo not like me. Surprisingly, he reacted somewhat enthusiastically and not just a let's-humor-mom "yea, nice".

Last thing to do is the back and to figure out how I want to quilt it. I've got some ideas rolling around but it could be a while before I execute (as usual).

What to do today between loads of laundry?



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