11 June 2012

Giirly Biird

Another busy weekend for me. What did I do? Well, I:
  • sorted quilting magazines and put them in magazine holders by title and issue
  • put together the back of the red and black quilt I recently finished
  • made a quilt top from a favorite pattern

I realized that I have WAAAYYYY too many magazines - a BUNCH of duplicates (the equivalent of about 10 reams of paper). I really need to get them cut back. At some point, if I'm smart, I'll get a list of which issues of which magazines I have to make it easier to find when I'm looking for stuff.

(and this isn't even all of them)

Had fun putting together the back of the black and red quilt (pattern from the book Geared for Guys by Crazy Old Ladies Quilts) that I recently blogged about. LOVE it as it's own quilt top even. It definitely will look good either side up.

I've also been thinking about what to call the black and red quilt. Some of the names running through my head are:

  • Scarlet Tempest
  • Scarlet Tornado
  • Scarlet Purgatory
  • Scarlet ... something (are you sensing a theme here?)
Nothing's really hitting hard (except the scarlet thing) and I'm open to more suggestions.

Dug out some strips I'd previously stitched together and one of my favorite quick & easy Jelly Roll / fat quarter patterns by Atkinson Designs (Anything Goes from the book Take Two and Add A Few) and made what I'm tentatively calling "Anything Giirly Girl Wants". I was thinking about possibly something with Princess or Pastel or Cotton Candy in the name but couldn't come up with anything that rolled off the tongue well. It's a pattern I use a LOT for baby quilts - quick, easy, and oh-so-cute with an applique that goes with the fabrics used and backed with Minkee or something equally as soft and snuggly.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to work on next ... Probably should compile my UFO/WIP list so I know what I've had waiting in the wings for awhile. I either need to find a fabric I REALLY want to use or a pattern that I really want to do. And I'm going to do everything I can to NOT have to purchase more fabric. We'll see how good I do. :)


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