14 June 2012

They're BAAaack! (and QUIILTED!)

As some have seen via Twitter or FaceBook, I've got some of my quilts back - QUILTED! My next step (and next to last step to being finished) is labeling them. Part of labeling is naming. And for that, I need help. Take a look and let me know in the comments what comes to mind for names.

The pictures were taken by the Maine end of the quilt assembly and finishing crew. A couple of them were photographed in a manner other than right side up. :)

Quilt #1

pattern used: Magic Tiles
Current thoughts for a name:
Fractured Funny Farm
if you can't tell that the fabrics have sheep, pigs, and cows on them, check out the pillow cases made of the same fabrics here

Quilt #2

pattern used: Bento Box
Current thoughts for a name:
Boxing Day

Quilt #3

no pattern used
Current thoughts for a name:
Midnight on the Big Island
Hawaiian Nights
Hawaiian Mosaic
Loc-tite Luau

Quilt #4

the right side is actually the top of the quilt - it was probably easier to hang this way
pattern used: 21 Strip Salute
Current thoughts for a name:
I got nothin'. I've been calling it by the pattern name "21 Strip Salute" ... I think I'd like something different for it. I could call it "Almost Stolen" since it was practically kidnapped prior to being put into the box ... TWICE!!! And then, in California, again it's safety was in question when I was showing folks at the office. :) I could call it "Jail Time" 'cause that's what someone will get if they swipe it! (Temptation?)

Quilt #5

the quilt is hanging upside down - ooopps :)
pattern used: Quilt in a Day Flying Geese book
Current thoughts for a name:
iSpotted Geese
Flying South
Going My Way

Quilt #6

pattern used: Elongated Diamonds
Current thoughts for a name:
Diamond Jubilee
A Giirl's Best Friend

Any suggestions for any of them? Leave me a comment and let me know. I'll be sure to post the final decisions.

(I've got other "almost finished" quilts that need labels and names. I'll do this again when I get around to getting pictures of them.)


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