26 June 2012

Quiilters and sew-ers UNIITE!

Just got done my very first participation in Talking Tuesdays (#talknt) hosted by @CaraQuilts on Twitter. Seriously fun. Lovely like-minded people from all over. Lots of great projects during show & share. I've got my calendar set to remind me every Tuesday night at about 5:45pm PT so I can make sure I've got a fresh Vitamin Water and have made a potty run.

"Met" some interesting people that I hope to be able to share ideas and interesting conversation with again. (@ghquilting, @QuilterPatSloan, @BariJ, @LolaPink_Jen, @lolapinkfabric, and @SewingOverPins just to name a few.)

Other exciting Tuesday news (assuming I actually have anything exciting that might resemble news): the baby quilt I finished for a co-worker's surprise baby shower today seemed to be a hit. Always nice to see people enjoy what I make. No pictures of the finished quilt ('cuz I'm a 'tard and forgot to take any) but here's the pre-quilted top and the label I made that got adhered to the light purple (almost lavender) Minkee back.

My server host helped me figure out what my major damage was with the personal domain. Apparently my password had expired. Imagine that, and after only about 10 or 12 years ... :) Password has been changed so I'm good to go. Maybe during the few days of vacation I'm taking Thurs/Fri/Mon I'll get motivated to do a little more updating. When it's in a little bit better shape, I'll let y'all know. :)

My favorite quilting companion (aka Harold the Large - seen in the photo right below the words About Me above and to the right) is trying to tell me it's time to run him a hot bubble bath. Oh, he doesn't actually take a bath, he just likes to drink the hot water. He's kinda psycho that way. Whenever anyone heats up water for tea or coffee, you can find him winding around ankles and loudly demanding his portion. He also comes running for opening individual string cheese plastic and refrigerator doors. He's apparently upset with me at the moment for not moving fast enough for him. How do I know? He's sitting in the doorway back to me. Eh, he'll live (even though he doesn't seem to think so). He's more like a dog than the dog is (Eureka the "cat" is the photo above Harold in the upper right). Two fools in a pod. And I love 'em both.

Have you hugged your pet today?


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