25 August 2012

Groovy Quilt-A-Long for the Biird

I've signed up to do the Totally Groovy QAL with Alyssa Lichner at PileOFabric.com (@PileOFabric on Twitter). The quilt pattern is Groove by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks.

I started out thinking I'd do the lap size in batiks and even had them all picked out.
Then I started throwing some solids in and came up with some other options:
crib size in blacks, whites, and an almost blue
lap size in cranberry, green, and purple

twin size in green, aqua, and very light tan

I still haven't quite decided which of the 4 options I want to go with. I've got them all labeled and together so when I make a final decision on which way to go, I've got everything in one place. Check out some of the other participants color choices (and other Totally Groovy QAL pictures) on flickr.

Another item on the short term agenda is something to hang in the windows in the office. I went to Kinko's and got a couple of paper piecing patterns enlarged. The trick now is to remember to measure the window to make sure I get the right size tension rods and make the window hangings the right size to fit. (I talked the hubby into tracing the copies onto freezer paper so when I get motivated to work on it, my freezer paper is ready to go.)

I've also got a couple of bags of t-shirts to make into a couple of large double sided t-shirt quilts for a friend. Have a LOT of work to do on THIS one.

Lots of things to do and not a lot of time (anymore) to do them. I've taken on a 2nd job at the local JoAnn store. It helps with the bills and supplies but not with available time for quilting/sewing. :)

Hopefully having talked about these things will encourage me to actually DO some of them.

Oh, almost forgot. Got the spousal unit to drill holes in my templates and rulers that didn't have holes in them. I'm putting them on binder rings and grouping them by type (drunkard's path, winding ways) or in sets and will be setting up something to hang them from (as soon as I figure out where I can make space to do so).

I've got 1" rings and 2" rings that I use for a whole bunch of different things. I've got my quilting stencils/templates and some other interesting things grouped and hanging on a belt hanger like this.

The flimsy light template plastic weight stuff hangs nice and isn't too heavy until you get a whole bunch of 'em up. The heavy stuff (Omnigrid, Olfa, Quilt in a Day, etc.) gets, well, heavy the more you hang together. Makes the hanging of a lot of these a challenge as I don't think a tension rod will hold them all so I'll have to more permanently affix some kind of rod to hang these on.

Happy Saturday and even happier quiilting!!


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