16 June 2012

Waiting for Labels and Quiilting

I found and took pictures of some more quilts that only need labels (and names) in order to be fully finished. I'm sure there are more around the house ('cause we're usin' 'em) which I'll get washed and photographed eventually. :)

pattern used: some kit with Spa in the title from JoAnn's
Current thoughts for a name:

pattern used: Peaceable Strips
Current thoughts for a name:
For some reason the name Burnished Peaches just popped into my head when I was looking at the pic tonight.

This was the result of my playing with batiks and Strips and Curves.
pattern used: book "Strips and Curves"
Current thoughts for a name:
Lunar Landing
Radioactive Violet

This is the back of the Strips and Curves one. I like how the leftovers came together on the back. Worked out well.

pattern used: This one came out of a book, but I don't remember which one
Current thoughts for a name:
Not a clue

I also found some completed tops that still need to have backs made and to be quilted:
1. 2.
1. my favorite pattern - Irish Chain - made in my favorite color batik scraps - GREEN
2. made while goofing around with a jelly roll - baby sized

3. 4.
3. smaller practice block from Celtic Pieced Illusions for the border challenge block - probably end up as a pillow with #4
4. smaller practice block from Celtic Pieced Illusions for the border challenge block - probably end up as a pillow with #3

5. 6.
5. from Celtic Pieced Illusions - made to play with the process - used as the center block of a border challenge with Mom and Andrea
6. found this pattern in a magazine but can't remember which one - I'm sure I'll find it again ... :) - baby sized

7. 8.
7. goofing around with the rest of the jelly roll used for #2 - table runner / dresser runner for a kids room?
8. loved these fabrics and the drunkards path block seemed just right - baby sized

9. 10.
9. my favorite Irish Chain in a kid sized quilt
10. from a beginning quilting class - we never got to the actual quilting but did a little bit of applique and learned a few techniques - kid/baby sized

11. 12.
11. playing around with some paper piecing patterns that I enlarged - probably closer kid than baby sized
12. back of #11

13. 14.
13. dark jelly roll scraps - about the right size for a doll quilt or one side of a small dog or cat cushion/bed
14. paper pieced blocks made into an octagonal table topper - pinned and ready for quilting

15. 16.
15. very frakkin' cute whale/fish print that I was goofing around with - needed something so I'm auditioning the purple octopi as possible applique additions - kid sized
16. Peaceable Strips made with gold and black sunflower printed batiks - working on just the right quilting design for it - bed sized

And this doesn't include the finished non-quilts that I found and took pictures of.

Like before, if you've got any suggestions for names or comments about the current thoughts for names, leave me a comment and let me know.


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