18 August 2013

Giifts for Baby Season

Is it ever NOT baby season for a quilter? Sometimes I think baby quilts are the most quilting I do. Nevertheless, they're always fun to make and imagine the little bundles of joy that will be sleeping under and on top of what I've put time, effort, and love into. I've done two for gifts lately

Number one was for my boss at my retail job (aka J.O.B. #2). This was baby number 3 for her. I had a hard time deciding what to go with and finally decided on butterflies.

The next one was for someone that my husband works with. Again, tough to decide what to do. Jungle/Monkeys seemed to fit the bill.

I've got 2 more that I need to do in the very near future. One is a collaboration quilt with a co-worker at J.O.B. #2 for another co-worker at J.O.B. #2. K's doing some cross stitch blocks and I'll be using the embroidered blocks in a bag, changing pad, and quilt. I'll base the final blocks and layout on what K's done for cross stitch. We've got about 4-5 months to get this worked up.

The other baby quilt gift I'm still noodling on is for one of my favorite drive-thru baristas. This will be daughter number 5 if I remember correctly. I'm debating working a coffee theme into it but I'm not sure yet. I've got about 2 more months for this one.

A quilter's joy is never done. :)


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