19 August 2013

Purse and accessoriies

I found a really cute pattern and used it to make myself a purse. The pattern is Leyvie Bag by Whistlepig Creek Productions.

LOVE it! Thinking about making a couple more in different fabrics so I've got more choices. Only thing I changed was the strap - the only wide enough cotton strapping I had didn't match so I covered it in my favorite fabric from the purse.

I also made a zippered wallet/pouch out of the same fabrics (okay - 3 of them with different fabric combinations). I used Atkinson Designs' Cash and Carry pattern - Pocket Zip view


finished products:

These are two of my favorite designers/pattern companies. Everything is really cute!

I also made a wallet of my own design. One of the women I work with at J.O.B #2 wants me to make one for her. :)

Couple of glasses cases finished off the accessories. I winged it on these as well. :)

And it all fits nicely in the purse.

I get lots of compliments. Especially when people find out that I made it. :)


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