05 March 2014

Miscellaneous liittle things

Made a couple of little things the other day ...

Made a nice little boxy ditty/dopp-type bag out of a couple of fat quarters (and still have enough of both fabrics to make another if I want). The lining was from some yardage.

The pattern I used was by Ellie Mae - Bag Everything. Couple of tricky spots but overall a fairly quick and relatively uncomplicated pattern to follow.

Also made a couple of cute little zipper bags ... they start flat:

and then when you zip them up they become little funky barrel-like things:

The pattern for these came from Bella Nonna - Zippety Bags. The pattern has 5 different sizes. I made the smallest and the middle-sized one. The little one tucks inside of the other quite nicely:

I may make a few more - they're kinda fun! Pretty easy and VERY cute.

Let's see ... what's the next project going to be ... :)


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